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IntelliJ IDEA is an advanced Java IDE developed by JetBrains and
focused on developer productivity. The community edition features:
* An intelligent code editor that understands Java code; provides
  refactorings, code inspections and intentions, and allows for
  fast code navigation.
* Integration with such tools as JUnit and TestNG, Ant and Maven,
  and popular version control systems including: CVS, Subversion
  and git.
* XML-Java interoperability and comprehensive Groovy programming
  language support.
* The Swing UI designer complements the suite of tools for
  developing Java desktop applications.
WWW: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Windowing Problems
If the splash-screen displays but you then only see a grey main screen,
install the wmname package and run 'wmname LG3D'. This is a problem that
has been seen with some Java-based applications used with a non-reparenting
window manager (e.g. cwm).

Native Libraries
Functionality depending on native libraries is not likely to work.

Errors After Upgrading
If you receive errors starting after an upgrade, try the following:

1. Remove the ${HOME}/.IdeaICXXXX.Y/config/plugins directory
2. Remove the following directories
  a. ${HOME}/.local/share/JetBrains
  b. ${HOME}/.cache/JetBrains
  c. ${HOME}/.config/JetBrains
3. Relaunch intellij
4. Reinstall the removed plugins


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