The databases/freetds port

freetds-1.4.17 – database drivers for Sybase/Microsoft SQL Server (cvsweb github mirror)


FreeTDS is a set of LGPL-licensed libraries that allow your programs
to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases.

Technically speaking, FreeTDS is an open source implementation of
the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol used by these databases for
their own clients. It supports many different flavors of the protocol
and three APIs to access it. Additionally FreeTDS works with other
software such as Perl and PHP, providing access from those languages
as well.

FreeTDS has many possible uses. It has been used by Unix/Linux
webservers to present data stored in SQL Server to the web, to port
SQL Server database code from NT to Unix, to import data into SQL
Server from a Unix source, and to provide database access on platforms
(such as realtime systems) that have no native drivers.
WWW: https://www.freetds.org/


Stuart Henderson

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