The benchmarks/netperf-wrapper port

flent-2.1.1p0 – test network latency under load via netperf (cvsweb github mirror)


Python wrapper to run multiple simultaneous netperf/iperf/ping instances
and aggregate the results. This package contains the command-line tools.
"pkg_add flent-gui" for the PyQt-based GUI.

Several commands can be run in parallel and the test data points can be
aligned with each other in time, interpolating differences between the
actual measurement points.  This makes it possible to graph (e.g.) ping
times before, during and after a link is loaded.

Aggregated data can be saved in a json format, output as csv values,
emacs org mode tables, or graph plots.  Each test can specify several
plots, including time-series plots of the values against each other,
as well as CDF plots of (e.g.) ping times.

For basic use: install netperf on the server and run "netserver", then
various tests can be run from a client machine with the flent package
WWW: https://flent.org/


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flent-2.1.1p0 flent-gui-2.1.1p0


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