The audio/speech-dispatcher port

speech-dispatcher-0.11.5p0 – common interface to speech synthesis (cvsweb github mirror)


The Speech Dispatcher project provides a high-level device independent
layer for access to speech synthesis through a simple, stable and well
documented interface.

Key features:
    o Common interface to different TTS engines.
    o Handling concurrent synthesis requests - requests may come
      assynchronously from multiple sources within an application and/or
      from different applications.
    o Subsequent serialization, resolution of conflicts and priorities
      of incomming requests.
    o Context switching - state is maintained for each client connection
      independently, event for connections from within one application.
    o High-level client interfaces for popular programming languages.
    o Common sound output handling - audio playback is handled by Speech
      Dispatcher rather than the TTS engine, since most engines have
      limited sound output capabilities.
WWW: http://devel.freebsoft.org/speechd


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