The www/pnp4nagios port

pnp4nagios-0.6.26p2 – Nagios/Icinga addon which graphs performance data (source)


PNP is an addon to Nagios and Icinga which analyzes performance data
provided by plugins and stores them automatically into RRD-databases
(Round Robin Databases).


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| Running pnp4nagios on OpenBSD


Pnp4nagios has no default runtime dependencies to a monitoring tool,
as well as to a monitoring webinterface or web server. Example
instructions below are given for icinga, icinga-web and Apache2, as
well as icinga2, icinga-web2 and nginx.

Log file in ${VARBASE}/log/pnp4nagios will need to be rotated. Here is
a sample line for newsyslog.conf:

${VARBASE}/log/pnp4nagios/pnp4nagios.log _icinga:_icinga 644 7  250  * Z

Icinga, Icinga-web, Apache

Apache2 configuration
Apache2 configuration for PNP4Nagios is stored under:

It needs to be enabled by running the following command:
# ln -s ../modules.sample/pnp4nagios.conf ${VARBASE}/www/conf/modules
# rcctl restart apache2

Icinga-web configuration
To integrate PNP4Nagios into the Icinga Web frontend you will need to
install templates extensions which comes with icinga-web package:
% cd ${VARBASE}/www/icinga-web/app/modules/Cronks/data/xml/extensions
# ln -s pnp-host-extension.xml.dist pnp-host-extension.xml
# ln -s pnp-service-extension.xml.dist pnp-service-extension.xml

Icinga2, Icinga-web2, Nginx
Pnp4nagios runs with php_fpm behind nginx in a chrooted environment.

Prepare the chroot environment
 - follow the instructions in the rrdtool package README
   to chroot rrdtool
 - copy /bin/sh to ${VARBASE}/www/bin
 - copy ${LOCALBASE}/lib/kohana/system ${VARBASE}/www${LOCALBASE}/lib/kohana/system
 - edit ${VARBASE}/www${SYSCONFDIR}/config.php
   - ensure: $conf['rrdbase'] = "/pnp4nagios/rrd/";
   - ensure: $conf['nagios_base'] = "/icingaweb2";

Icinga2 configuration
With Icinga2 enable the perfdata feature:

# icinga2 feature enable perfdata

Pnp4nagios will use the npcd daemon, and work in the 'bulk' mode.
In ${SYSCONFDIR}/npcd.cfg update the 'perfdata_spool_dir'
to point to '${VARBASE}/spool/icinga2/perfdata'. Additionally ensure
the 'perfdata_file_run_cmd_args' has a '--bulk' argument specified.

In ${SYSCONFDIR}/process_perfdata.cfg ensure the
RRDPATH setting points to '${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios/rrd'.

Finally enable npcd:

# rcctl enable npcd

Nginx configuration
Below a minimal snippet for the nginx configuration:

server {


  location /pnp4nagios {

    alias ${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios;

  location ~ ^(/pnp4nagios.*\.php)(.*)$ {

    root          /pnp4nagios;
    include       ${SYSCONFDIR}/nginx/fastcgi_params;

    fastcgi_pass  unix:run/php-fpm-pnp4nagios.sock;
    fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(.*)$;
    fastcgi_param PATH_INFO       $fastcgi_path_info;
    fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root/index.php;

Php_fpm configuration
Configure php_fpm pool, the most important configuration

listen = ${VARBASE}/www/run/php-fpm-pnp4nagios.sock
listen.owner = www = www
listen.mode = 0660
user = _icinga
group = _icinga
chroot = ${VARBASE}/www

Icinga-web2 configuration
Pnp4nagios integration with Icinga-web2 is done via PNP
module, that can be found here:
For installation and configuration follow the modules

RRD tweaks.
Optionally you may want to use rrdcached to reduce disk I/O.
Here is a sample /etc/rc.conf.local part:
rrdcached_flags=-b ${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios/rrd -m 0660 -s _icinga -l unix:${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios/rrd/rrdcached.sock -j ${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios/rrd//journal -p ${VARBASE}/www/pnp4nagios/rrd/ -w 1800 -z 1800 -F -P FLUSH,PENDING


Kirill Bychkov


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