The wayland/wlroots port

wlroots-0.17.3v0 – modular Wayland compositor library (cvsweb github mirror)


Pluggable, composable, unopinionated modules for building a Wayland
compositor; or about 60,000 lines of code you were going to write

 * wlroots provides backends that abstract the underlying display and
   input hardware, including KMS/DRM, libinput, Wayland, X11, and
   headless backends, plus any custom backends you choose to write,
   which can all be created or destroyed at runtime and used in
   concert with each other.

 * wlroots provides unopinionated, mostly standalone implementations
   of many Wayland interfaces, both from wayland.xml and various
   protocol extensions. We also promote the standardization of
   portable extensions across many compositors.

 * wlroots provides several powerful, standalone, and optional tools
   that implement components common to many compo53sitors, such as the
   arrangement of outputs in physical space.

 * wlroots provides an Xwayland abstraction that allows you to have
   excellent Xwayland support without worrying about writing your own
   X11 window manager on top of writing your compositor.

 * wlroots provides a renderer abstraction that simple compositors can
   use to avoid writing GL code directly, but which steps out of the
   way when your needs demand custom rendering code.

wlroots implements a huge variety of Wayland compositor features and
implementsthem right, so you can focus on the features that make your
compositor unique. By using wlroots, you get high performance,
excellent hardware compatibility, broad support for many wayland
interfaces, and comfortable development tools - or any subset of these
features you like, because all of them work independently of one
another and freely compose with anything you want to implement

Check out our wiki to get started with wlroots. Join our IRC channel:
#wlroots on Libera Chat.

A variety of wrapper libraries are available for using it with your
favorite programming language.
WWW: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wlroots


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