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p5-LaTeX-Encode-0.092.0p0 – encode characters for LaTeX formatting (cvsweb github mirror)


TeX::Encode exports the function 'latex_encode' which encodes
characters in a string, that would be incorrectly interpreted by

The latex_encode function takes a text string and an optional
reference to a hash of options.  The options currently supported
are "exclude" to specify a list of characters that should not be
encoded (often this is "\\{}" to allow LaTeX commands to be used
in the text string), and "iquotes" to enable "intelligent quotes",
that is double quotes around a phrase will be converted to "``" and
"''" and single quotes to "`" and "'".

The scripts directory contains scripts to help build the character
encoding tables used by the module and to create and format a
document listing the characters that the module encodes with their
Unicode character value, HTML entity representation, LaTeX encoding
and visual representation.  These scripts are not installed by "make
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/LaTeX-Encode


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