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p5-File-KDBX-0.906p0 – interface to KeePass KDB and KDBX database files (cvsweb github mirror)


File::KDBX provides everything you need to work with KDBX databases. A KDBX
database is a hierarchical object database which is commonly used to store
secret information securely. It was developed for the KeePass password safe.

This module lets you query entries, create new entries, delete entries, modify
entries and more. The distribution also includes various parsers and generators
for serializing and persisting databases.

The design of this software was influenced by the KeePassXC implementation of
KeePass as well as the File::KeePass module. File::KeePass is an alternative
module that works well in most cases but has a small backlog of bugs and
security issues and also does not work with newer KDBX version 4 files. If
you're coming here from the File::KeePass world, you might be interested in
File::KeePass::KDBX that is a drop-in replacement for File::KeePass that uses
File::KDBX for storage.
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/File-KDBX


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