The sysutils/wmmon port

wmmon-1.0b2p6 – WindowMaker dock app similar to xload (cvsweb github)


WMMon monitors the realtime CPU load as well the average
system load and gives you some nice additional features too...

WMMon currently provides:

* Realtime CPU 'stress' meter;
* Average systemload, like xload & wmavgload (autoscaling);
* Realtime Disk I/O 'stress' meter;
* Average Disk I/O load graphic (autoscaling);
* Realtime total Mem & Swap usage meters;
* System uptime display;
* Realtime cycling through all monitor modes;
* Can be started multiple times;
* Commandline options for help (-h), version (-v),
  start mode (-i & -s) and display (-d);

WMMon can launch 3 user definable commands for left, middle and
right mouse button clicks, which you can define in ~/.wmmonrc:

left: mycommand-1 &
middle: mycommand-2 &
right: mycommand-3 &
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