The sysutils/libvirt port

libvirt-7.4.0 – tool/library for managing platform virtualization (cvsweb github)


Libvirt is collection of software that provides a convenient way to
manage virtual machines and other virtualization functionality, such as
storage and network interface management. These software pieces include
an API library, a daemon (libvirtd), and a command line utility (virsh).

Note that OpenBSD cannot act as a virtualization host yet, so libvirtd
is not provided in this package.

A primary goal of libvirt is to provide a single way to manage multiple
different virtualization providers/hypervisors. For example, the command
'virsh list --all' can be used to list the existing virtual machines for
any supported hypervisor (KVM, Xen, VMWare ESX, etc.) No need to learn
the hypervisor specific tools!


Antoine Jacoutot

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