The sysutils/fprintd port

fprintd-0.8.1p3 – fingerprint scanning functionality over D-Bus (cvsweb github mirror)


fprintd is a daemon to offer libfprint functionality over D-Bus.

API use cases:

- User wants to use the fingerprint reader, and enroll
  his fingerprints, or remove some fingerprints from the database

- Administrator wants to enroll fingerprints for a particular user,
  or remove fingerprints for a particular user

- Laptop/desktop authentication:
  * Check for fingerprint devices
  * Check whether a particular user has any fingerprints enrolled
  * Verify a fingerprint for a particular user, or, if the device
  supports it, verify that the fingerprint matches against
  any of the fingerprints enrolled

- Point Of Sale authentication (in a bar, the fingerprint reader is
  used to see who accesses a particular point of sale/till, in place
  of PIN code authentication and/or tokens)
  * Given a list of users, verify which one has scanned their finger
WWW: https://fprint.freedesktop.org/


Antoine Jacoutot



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