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cloud-sql-proxy-2.8.0 – GCP Cloud SQL Auth proxy (cvsweb github mirror)


The Cloud SQL Auth proxy is a utility for ensuring secure connections to your
Cloud SQL instances.  It provides IAM authorization, allowing you to control who
can connect to your instance through IAM permissions, and TLS 1.3 encryption,
without having to manage certificates.

See the Connecting Overview page
(https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/mysql/connect-overview) for more information
on connecting to a Cloud SQL instance, or the About the proxy page
(https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/mysql/sql-proxy) for details on how the Cloud
SQL proxy works.

The Cloud SQL Auth proxy has support for:

- Automatic IAM Authentication (Postgres only)
- Metrics (Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace, and Prometheus)
- HTTP Healthchecks
- Service account impersonation
- Separate Dialer functionality released as the Cloud SQL Go Connector
- Configuration with environment variables
- Fully POSIX-compliant flags

NOTE: The proxy does not configure the network between the VM it's running on
and the Cloud SQL instance.  You MUST ensure the proxy can reach your Cloud SQL
instance, either by deploying it in a VPC that has access to your Private IP
instance, or by configuring Public IP.
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