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radicale-2.1.12p6 – simple CalDAV calendar server (cvsweb github mirror)


The Radicale Project is a complete CalDAV calendar server solution,
capable of making multiple calendars available to local and remote
users, with optional authentication policies. Calendars can be
viewed and edited by a calendar client such as
Mozilla Lightning Calendar or Evolution.

The Radicale Project aims to be a light solution, easy to use, easy
to install, easy to configure. As a consequence, it requires few
software dependencies and is pre-configured to work out-of-the-box.
WWW: https://radicale.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Radicale will run out of the box but with NO SECURITY.

There are two things you should do to enable security:
enable passwords and enable encryption.

To enable simple passwords, edit ${SYSCONFDIR}/radicale/config and change
"type = None" (i.e. passwords are not requested or checked) to
"type = htpasswd".

User password(s) may be created with htpasswd(1); e.g.
"htpasswd ${SYSCONFDIR}/radicale/users username". This uses bcrypt
which matches Radicale's default.

By default calendars may only be accessed by their owner. To adjust
the rights for calendars please refer to the
${SYSCONFDIR}/radicale/rights file and the upstream documentation on
"Rights Management".

For further authentication options, consult Radicale's documentation.
Previous users of Radicale 1.x with more complex authentication setup
should be aware that only none/htpasswd are provided as standard;
plugins are required for others.

To enable encryption with the internal web server, change "ssl = False"
to "ssl = True" in ${SYSCONFDIR}/radicale/config, and install a certificate
and key in the files named in "certificate" and "key". (They need to be
readable by the _radicale user, so the common location in /etc/ssl/private
won't work). Alternatively run HTTP on localhost and proxy from alternative
web server software.

Upgrading from Radicale 1 to 2
Storage must be exported from Radicale 1.x before upgrading. This README
file is supplied with Radicale 2, so if you are reading it on an installed
system, start by uninstalling and reinstalling radicale 1.x, then export:

# doas -u _radicale ${PREFIX}/bin/radicale --export-storage ${LOCALSTATEDIR}/db/radicale/collections

Then install radicale 2.x which can use the exported storage directly.
For more information, refer to https://radicale.org/1to2/


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