The print/apsfilter port

apsfilter-7.2.8p6 – filter to print a wide range of file formats (cvsweb github mirror)


Apsfilter is the number one magic filter for printing in the Unix
environment. What does apsfilter stand for? Apsfilter Prints So Fine, It
Leads To Extraordinary Results ;-) It's highly configurable and most
flexible by global and printer dependent config files and allowing users
to choose between different print options with lpr on the commandline to
get easy control over layout, speed and quality of the printing process.
Apsfilter supports PS (Postscript) printer and non-PS capable printer by
using Ghostscript as PS emulator. So if you have a non-expensive color
DeskJet printer, Apsfilter and Ghostscript enhance your printers
capabilities, that you'll get a Color Postscript Printer in return for
free! Printing on locally connected (serial, parallel, USB) and on
network printer like Unix-, Windows-, Novell and AppleTalk remote printer
is supported. 
WWW: http://www.apsfilter.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To configure the apsfilter package, you have to run


as root.

Depending on your printer and what files you want to print,
apsfilter needs some software for conversion like ghostscript,
ImageMagick or teTeX. For details, see section 3.1 of
file ${PREFIX}/share/doc/apsfilter/handbook.html


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