The misc/ietf-cli port

ietf-cli-1.26p1 – command-line tools to work with RFCs and Internet Drafts (cvsweb github mirror)


This package contains command-line tools to work with a locally rsync'ed
copy of Internet Drafts and RFCs. See the README and help text for more
information, but here are some examples:

ietf: starts a command-line shell with command history

ietf mirror: create or update local mirror of IETF repositories
  (approx 3GB, by default in ${LOCALSTATEDIR}/db/ietf-mirrors)

ietf rfc 3456 4567: open RFC 3456 and RFC 4567 in $EDITOR

ietf rfcextra 3456: open RFC 3456 and any RFCs that update or
  obsolete it in $EDITOR, and any errata on any of those in a browser

ietf (tools|tracker) 3456 4567: opens RFC 3456 and RFC 4567 in the
  IETF Tools or IETF Datatracker web interface

ietf draft crocker: open all active drafts with "crocker" in their
  filename, and lists all matching drafts that are expired, replaced
  by other drafts, or have become RFCs

ietf draftstatus crocker, ietf rfcstatus 3456: lists information
  from the IETF and RFC Editor databases
WWW: https://github.com/paulehoffman/ietf-cli


Klemens Nanni


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