The meta/zyn-fusion port

zyn-fusion-3.0.5pre20210207 – powerful synthesizer engine with an interactive UI (cvsweb github mirror)


Zyn was plagued with a difficult to use interface and unstable, unofficial
plugin versions. Fusion blows those issues away with a complete redesign and
rewrite. Powered by a new custom window toolkit: zest, Zyn is now ready for
any platform. With total separation of the UI from the synthesis engine.

Zyn-Fusion is enabling powerful features such as the new, officially-supported
VST plugin version, remote control of a headless CPU with the UI on
touchscreen, even multiple UI windows controlling a single sound engine. By
fusing 28 windows of fine grained control into one, Zyn is now controlled with
a single window design of tabbed views for a consistent, navigable interface.
You think you've heard the sounds before, but you've never had the precision
control of Fusion.
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Dimitri Karamazov



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