The mail/solid-pop3d port

solid-pop3d-0.15p8 – flexible POP3 server (source)


The Solid POP3 Server is an implementation of a Post Office Protocol
version 3 server that has flexibility as its main goal.  The server is
easily configurable and has support for few features such as:

 o APOP authentication scheme
 o Virtual hosting
 o Maildir and mailbox handling
 o Bulletins
 o Expiration of messages

Each user can specify his maildrop (its position and type).  The format
used in specification of maildrop's position should handle almost all
widely-used system configurations.  The server also seems to be fast,
however no tests have been performed, so it's rather relative feeling.
The design used is very similar to the design of Solar Designer's POPA3D
server.  This solution let's minimalize size of code working with root
privileges.  The code was also heavily checked for buffer overflow leaks
and file races.  None have been found as for now.  All operations on
files are done with user privileges.  There is no SUID APOP secrets
database management program (as in QPOP).  Each user can specify his
secret in his own home directory.


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