The mail/smtp-vilter port

smtp-vilter-1.3.6p4v0 – sendmail milter to scan messages for viruses and spam (cvsweb github)


smtp-vilter is a high performance content filter for sendmail to detect e-mail
viruses and spam.  smtp-vilter decides whether to pass, discard or simply mark
an e-mail message based on the results of a content scan and user defined
strategies.  It can interact with the pf packet filter when it detects spam,
viruses or unwanted content by adding the IP address of the sending host to a
PF table.

smtp-vilter does not do the scanning by itself, it relies on third-party
products like ClamAV, SpamAssassin, or any ICAP capable scanner for this
purpose. smtp-vilter uses the milter API to communicate with sendmail and one
or more backends to communicate with the actual virus or spam scanning engines.
The backends can be chained to perform a series of checks on one message in one

The software is highly configurable and provides mechanisms for secure

The backends included in the distribution provide support for the Clam
AntiVirus Daemon (clamd), the Spamassassins Daemon (spamd), ICAP capable
backends (icap), and the standalone attachment backend to filter out unwanted
attachments.  The backends are realised as shared libraries that are loaded
dynamically when smtp-vilter starts.  All backends have their own configuration

smtp-vilter is documented in the following manpages:
	smtp-vilter(8)			Running the smtp-vilter
	smtp-vilter.conf(5)		The smtp-vilter config file
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