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mutt-2.2.13v3 – tty-based e-mail client (cvsweb github mirror)


Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix-like
operating systems. Features include support for multiple mailbox formats
(including IMAP, POP3, mbox, MMDF, MH, Maildir), MIME/RFC2047, message
threading, encryption and signing with PGP/GPG and S/MIME, and many
operations can use regular expressions. It's highly customizable with
many options for colours, key bindings, display formats etc.

This package used to have various flavours adding external patches.
Some are now integrated in the main Mutt release (including "sidebar");
the "neomutt" package includes others (e.g. compressed folder support).

	gpgme      - build with support for GPGME, simplifying use with GnuPG:
                     "set crypt_use_gpgme = yes" in muttrc, and run gpg-agent:
                     "export GPG_TTY=$(tty); eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)".
                     also enables autocrypt (which depends on gpgme).
	sasl	   - build with SASL authentication support
	slang	   - use S-Lang instead of curses for screen handling
WWW: http://www.mutt.org/


Stuart Henderson

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