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dovecot-fts-xapian-1.7.0 – full text search plugin for Dovecot using Xapian (cvsweb github mirror)


fts-xapian is a full-text search plugin for Dovecot. It utilises the Xapian
search engine library to index email automatically, and allow rapid body and
header server-side search over IMAP.

The authors intend this plugin to provide the functionality provided by the
now-deprecated fts_squat plugin, and provide a simpler way to configure FTS for
Dovecot without needing heavy external dependencies such as Solr.
WWW: https://github.com/grosjo/fts-xapian


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To use fts_xapian with Dovecot, ensure fts and fts_xapian plugins are
loaded. Adding them to mail_plugins in 10-mail.conf should suffice for
most users:

    mail_plugins = (...) fts fts_xapian (...)

The service's vsz_limit may need to be increased (or disabled) in 10-master.conf:

    service indexer-worker {
      vsz_limit = 0 # or 1GB etc.

Then configure the plugin's settings in 90-plugin.conf:

    plugin {
      fts = xapian
      fts_xapian = partial=2 full=20 attachments=0 verbose=0

      fts_autoindex = yes
      fts_enforced = yes

      fts_autoindex_exclude = \Trash

Parameters 'partial' and 'full' are required, and allow control over the length
of n-grams generated for searching header fields.

Parameter 'attachments' defaults to off. Setting it to 1 will enable indexing of
text attachments.

Parameter 'verbose' can be set between 0 (default) and 2 (debug) for more
detailed logging.

New mail will be indexed incrementally. Use doveadm-index(1) to index
existing mail, e.g.:

    doveadm index -A -q '*'


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