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zig-0.11.0p2 – zig compiler and toolchain (cvsweb github mirror)


Zig is a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for
maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

- Robust : behavior is correct even for edge cases such as out of
- Optimal : write programs the best way they can behave and perform.
- Reusable : the same code works in many environments which have
  different constraints.
- Maintainable : precisely communicate intent to the compiler and
  other programmers. The language imposes a low overhead to reading
  code and is resilient to changing requirements and environments.

- Simple Language

Focus on debugging your application rather than debugging your
programming language knowledge.

  - No hidden control flow.
  - No hidden memory allocations.
  - No preprocessor, no macros.

- Comptime

A fresh approach to metaprogramming based on compile-time code
execution and lazy evaluation.

  - Call any function at compile-time.
  - Manipulate types as values without runtime overhead.
  - Comptime emulates the target architecture.

- Performance Meets Safety

Write fast, clear code capable of handling all error conditions.

  - The language gracefully guides your error handling logic.
  - Configurable runtime checks help you strike a balance between
    performance and safety guarantees.
  - Take advantage of vector types to express SIMD instructions
WWW: https://ziglang.org/


Sebastien Marie

Only for arches

amd64 arm64 powerpc64


on powerpc64: ld: error: undefined symbol: __subkf3 (and others)



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