The games/zelda3 port

zelda3-0.3 – reimplementation of Zelda - A Link to the Past (cvsweb github mirror)


This is a reverse-engineered clone of Zelda 3 - A Link to the Past.

It's around 70-80kLOC of C code, and reimplements all parts of the
original game. The game is playable from start to end.

A bunch of features have been added that are not supported by the
original game. Some of them are:
- Support for pixel shaders.
- Support for enhanced aspect ratios of 16:9 or 16:10.
- Higher quality world map.
- Support for MSU audio tracks.
- Secondary item slot on button X (Hold X in inventory to select).
- Switching current item with L/R keys.
- Alternative sprites for the game's protagonist.

This game requires proprietary assets to run, which can be installed
using the games/zelda3-data port.
WWW: https://github.com/snesrev/zelda3/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Official documentation

See the project wiki at https://github.com/snesrev/zelda3/wiki/


This game requires proprietary assets to run, which can be installed
using the games/zelda3-data port.

Because this game reads and creates files in the current working
directory it is recommended to start the game inside a dedicated
directory: mkdir ~/zelda3; cd ~/zelda3; zelda3

The game creates a 'saves' directory in the current working directory
where save states are stored.

The game reads the configuration file zelda3.ini, which must be placed
in the current working directory where the game is started. An example
can be found at ${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/zelda3/zelda3.ini.
All optional features which enhance or change the original gameplay
experience must be manually enabled in zelda3.ini.


Sound is disabled by default and can be enabled in zelda3.ini.
The example zelda3.ini file provided by the package enables sound.


Keyboard Control Button Mapping

The default mapping of joypad buttons to keyboard keys is as follows:

| Button | Key         |
| ------ | ----------- |
| Up     | Up arrow    |
| Down   | Down arrow  |
| Left   | Left arrow  |
| Right  | Right arrow |
| Start  | Enter       |
| Select | Right shift | (example zelda3.ini overrides this, see below)
| A      | X           |
| B      | Z           |
| X      | S           |
| Y      | A           |
| L      | C           |
| R      | V           |

Keys can be reconfigured in zelda3.ini.

Because the 'Right shift' key did not work during initial play-testing
on OpenBSD, the example zelda3.ini provided in the package uses the
following keys for the Select button instead:

| Keyboard | Key |
| -------- | --- |
| QWERTY   |  /  |
| QWERTZ   |  -  |
| AZERTY   |  !  |

Additionally, the following commands are available:

| Key          | Action
| ------------ | -------------------------------------------
| Tab          | Turbo mode
| W            | Fill health/magic
| Shift+W      | Fill rupees/bombs/arrows
| Ctrl+E       | Reset
| P            | Pause (with dim)
| Shift+P      | Pause (without dim)
| Ctrl+Up      | Increase window size
| Ctrl+Down    | Decrease window size
| T            | Toggle replay turbo mode
| O            | Set dungeon key to 1
| K            | Clear all input history from the joypad log
| L            | Stop replaying a shapshot
| R            | Toggle between fast and slow renderer
| F            | Display renderer performance
| F1-F10       | Load snapshot
| Alt+Enter    | Toggle Fullscreen
| Shift+F1-F10 | Save snapshot
| Ctrl+F1-F10  | Replay the snapshot
| 1-9          | run a dungeons playthrough snapshots
| Ctrl+1-9     | run a dungeons playthrough in turbo mode
+ ------------ + -------------------------------------------

In-game button assignment

Up/Down/Left/Right: Move the protaginist or move the select cursor in menus.
Start:              Open the inventory menu.
Select:             Open the save menu.
A:                  Action button (talk, lift, push or pull things)
B:                  Sword attack (hold and release for a charged attack).
Y:                  Use inventory item assigned to button Y.
X:                  View the map.
L/R:                Switch current item.

There is a secondary item slot on button X (Hold X in inventory to select).

Alternative Sprites

The games/zelda3-sprites port provides alternative sprites for the
game's protaginist. These can be used by setting the LinkGraphics
opion in zelda3.ini.


Stefan Sperling



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