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xscrabble-2.12p3-en – X11 version of the popular board game (cvsweb github mirror)


XScrabble is a multiplayer (1-4) implementation of the classic board
game Scrabble with computer players and over 118,000 word dictionary.
There is a high score table, a best single goes list, a handy setup
window, and load/save facilities.

Simply type xscrabble. This will bring up the setup box which will allow
you to enter the names and displays and other info for the game to wish
to play. Then click on the Start Game button, (or Load Previous if
you're restarting a game). The main program, xscrab, will then be
automatically called with the appropriate options.

The game is saved after every turn (in "~/.xscrabble.save" of the
person running it) and can be restarted by running xscrabble, entering
exactly the same info, and hitting the Load Previous button.

Available flavors:
	en - Build with English dictionary and rules file
	fr - Build with French dictionary and rules file
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