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xonix-1.4p10 – win land without colliding with 'flyers' and 'eaters' (cvsweb github mirror)


Xonix is an old action game.

The purpose of the game is to move the player  across  the
empty  region  (whereby it leaves his way in a brown color
to show where it came along), and finally cut off a  piece
of  unfilled  region  by  moving  him  back to some filled
region.  If the player itself or the  (unfilled  yet)  way
will  be  hit by a flyer, a life will be lost again.  Once
the player's way reached another part  of  filled  region,
the  way  and all adjacent unfilled regions where there is
no flyer in will be filled in turn.  One  level  has  com-
pleted  as  soon  as  75 % of the originally unfilled area
have been filled this way.

Every level, there will be one flyer more.   Every  second
level,  an additional player will be granted.  Every fifth
level, an additional eater will be fired off.

The  original xonix game has been seen somewhere on an old
PC/XT clone.  This is  a  reimplementation  from  scratch,
done by Torsten Schoenitz starting the project on a Macin-
tosh.  The X11 support has been written  by  Joerg  Wunsch
with the pleasant help by Alfredo Herrera Hernandez.
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