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returntotheroots- – open source engine remake of The Settlers 2 (s25client) (cvsweb github mirror)


Return To The Roots is a fan project which aims to renew the original
The Settlers 2.

We aim to create new features such as a multiplayer mode via the
Internet as well as support for modern hardware.

You will need an original copy of "The Settlers 2 Gold Edition" to play
Return To The Roots.

The Settlers 2 is a 4X game similar to Civilization and Alpha Centauri.

Comes with a game client (s25client) and map editor (s25edit).
WWW: https://www.siedler25.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Return to the Roots
Return to the Roots requires the original game files from The Settlers 2
Gold Edition to work properly.  These can come from an original CD or
from GOG.com.

If using the GOG.com version, you must extract the files from
setup_settlers2_gold_2.0.0.14.exe using the innoextract package. The
files will be in a directory named app. You must copy the contents of
the app directory to the ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/s25rttr/S2/ directory.

The easiest way to do this is to execute the following:
$ doas cp -R app/* ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/s25rttr/S2

You can then delete everything extracted from the exe, such as the tmp

While returntotheroots is open source, The Settlers 2: Gold Edition is
not. You will need to purchase the game in order to use this package.


Brian Callahan

Only for arches

amd64 i386


needs updating for new Boost


games lang/lua x11

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