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mightymike-3.0.2 – family-friendly action game in a toy store (cvsweb github mirror)


High-Powered Action Rescue in a Toy Store Gone Mad!

Toy Mart has closed for the evening. The clerks have long since
turned off the cash registers, and the midnight janitor has left.
Suddenly the store comes alive as dolls, action figures, and game
pieces jump to their feet. Within moments cities are formed: in the
Bargain Bin, race tracks become islands of action surrounded by a
sea of on-looking toy robots. In the Clown Department thousands of
insane clowns initiate a massive pie fight. Throughout all of the
departments, life arises...

Suddenly there is a commotion in the Doll Department! One of the
cages in the Stuffed Animal Zoo has broken open - hundreds of Fuzzy
Bunnies hop out of the cage and scatter. The Fuzzy Bunnies, with
their limited intellect, do not realize the danger they are in. The
new metropolis of Toy Mart can be a very dangerous place for Fuzzy
Bunnies to wander alone, and without help they stand little chance
of surviving until morning.

The peaceful inhabitants of the Doll Department cry out for the
Fuzzy Bunnies to return...but to no avail. What will they do? What
will become of the Fuzzy Bunnies?

"I WILL HELP YOU!!" storms a deep, resonant voice from one of the
shelves. A hush crawls over the crowd of Fuzzy onlookers. A large
package tumbles from the shelf onto the floor and bursts open...and
a figure emerges. Yes, it's Mighty Mike - the most powerful action
figure money can buy!

Mighty Mike was initially released as a Mac exclusive under the
name "Power Pete" by Pangea Software in 1995. This port was made
and re-released under permission from Pangea Software, Inc.
WWW: https://pangeasoft.net/mightymike


izzy Meyer

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