The games/ioquake3 port

ioquake3-2020.09.29p2 – clone of the original Quake III Arena (cvsweb github mirror)


The ioquake3 community effort to continue developing id's Quake III Arena.
WWW: http://ioquake3.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To play ioquake3 on OpenBSD, you need the original game CD key and *.pk3 files.

Copy the game data (pak0-8.pk3) to ~/.q3a/baseq3/ (for single user mode) or
${TRUEPREFIX}/share/ioquake3/baseq3 (for system wide usage) then start up
ioquake3 and add your CD key under Setup -> CD Key.

If you want to run the dedicated server (ioq3ded), the pk3 files need to
either be in ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/ioquake3/baseq3 or /var/ioq3/.q3a/baseq3/.
The server map can be overwritten by setting "+map" to something else in

rcctl enable ioq3ded && rcctl set ioq3ded flags +map q3dm16

For more information on the dedicated server see here:

Macppc specifics

Additional configuration may be required, as noted below.

OpenGL renderer

The opengl2 renderer is not available on many of the supported graphics cards
and will prevent ioquake3 from starting with the default configuration.
Specifiying seta cl_renderer "opengl1" in the config file will allow use of the
opengl1 renderer.

16-bit textures 

Graphical issues occur when using 16-bit textures on the Radeon 9200, 9600, and
9700. 32-bit textures should be used if this happens.

Radeon 9700

Weapons and fonts will not appear without specifying seta r_hdr "0" in the
config file. The Radeon 9200 and 9600 do not have this issue.

Extensions should also be turned off by specifying seta r_allowExtensions "0"
in the config file.

Radeon 9200

Fullscreen requires the X11 resolution to match the one specified in the
ioquake3 config file. This has been tested in FVWM and Window Maker, and only
Window Maker displays fullscreen correctly out of the 2.

The fastest graphics preset should be used in ioquake3. Resolution can then be
modified from there for a playable game.

The main menu in ioquake3 has poor performance that other parts of the game do
not suffer from.


The OpenBSD ports mailing-list

Only for arches

amd64 i386 macppc


on i386: need to free up a register



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