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bugdom-1.3.4 – family-friendly 3D action adventure (cvsweb github mirror)


In the Bugdom, the peaceful rule of the Rollie Pollies and Lady
Bugs was recently toppled by the Fire Ants. They have captured all
the Lady Bugs, who are now held captive. To bring back peace, Rollie
McFly, the sole bug capable of saving the Lady Bugs, must defeat
King Thorax, the leader of the Fire Ants. Starting from the Lawn
area, Rollie will encounter various challenges, including crossing
water, riding bugs, and battling enemy forces. Once King Thorax and
the Fire Ants are defeated, Rollie will become the new ruler,
restoring peace to the Bugdom.

Bugdom was released in 1999 by Pangea Software as a pack-in game
on Macs. It is known for being the most advanced game to use QuickDraw
3D. This port aims to provide the best Bugdom experience by adding
modern comforts and fixing gameplay bugs, while staying true to the
original game's spirit. No modifications to the game's design are
included in this project.
WWW: https://pangeasoft.net/bug


izzy Meyer

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