The fonts/terminus-font,symquotes port

terminus-font-4.49.1p2-symquotes – fixed width fonts especially for long hacking sessions (cvsweb github mirror)


The Terminus font is a complete set of fixed-size fonts designed
especially for use in terminals.

	symquotes	- Build with symmetric single quotes (gq2)
	centered_tilde	- Build with centered ASCII tilde (td1)
WWW: https://terminus-font.sourceforge.net/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Use with wscons(4)
Raw versions of some Terminus fonts are included; these can be loaded with
wsfontload(8) for use in OpenBSD's wscons(4) text-mode console.

For consoles on a drm(4) device, a font may only be loaded if it matches
the size of the current console font. For displays with a width above
1920 and below 3840 pixels, rasops(9) will select a 16x32 font which
can be replaced with one of the "ter-132*" fonts. (Terminus does not
have a 32x64 font to match the size used by default on wider displays).

This can be loaded and configured like so:

$ wsfontload -N ter-132n -w 16 -h 32 ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/misc/pcvtfonts/ter-132n
$ wsconsctl display.font=ter-132n

To return to the default console font:

$ wsconsctl display.font="Spleen 16x32"

The final letter of the filename relates to the weight; n=normal, b=bold,
v="VGA weight".


LEVAI Daniel


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