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uemacs-4.0p2 – full screen simple editor (cvsweb github mirror)


	MicroEMACS is a tool for creating and changing documents,
programs, and other text files. It is both relatively easy for the
novice to use, but also very powerful in the hands of an expert.
MicroEMACS can be extensively customized for the needs of the individual

	MicroEMACS allows several files to be edited at the same time.
The screen can be split into different windows and screens, and text may
be moved freely from one window on any screen to the next. Depending on
the type of file being edited, MicroEMACS can change how it behaves to
make editing simple. Editing standard text files, program files and
word processing documents are all possible at the same time.

	There are extensive capabilities to make word processing and
editing easier. These include commands for string searching and
replacing, paragraph reformatting and deleting, automatic word wrapping,
word move and deletes, easy case controlling, and automatic word counts.
WWW: http://uemacs.tripod.com/


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