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PTLib is a moderately large C++ class library that originated many years
ago as a method to produce applications that run on both Microsoft
Windows and Unix X-Windows systems. It also was to have a Macintosh port
as well, but this never eventuated. In those days it was called the
PWLib the Portable Windows Library.

Since then, the availability of multi-platform GUI toolkits such as KDE
and wxWindows, and the development of the OpenH323 and OPAL projects as
primary user of the library, has emphasised the focus on networking, I/O
portability, multi-threading and protocol portability. Mostly, the
library is used to create high performance and highly portable
network-centric applications. So all the GUI abstractions ahave been
dropped and it was renamed the Portable Tools Library that you see

This is a fork of PTLib 2.10.9 to keep a stable API for the H323Plus library and
the GNU Gatekeeper. The main PTLib development branch makes substantial API
changes with every version, while this branch keeps the API stable and only
makes compatible changes wherever possible.
This fork is actively maintained to fix bugs and security issues.
WWW: https://github.com/willamowius/ptlib/


Antoine Jacoutot

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