The devel/libcoap port

libcoap-4.2.1p2 – communicate with embedded devices using CoAP (RFC 7252) (cvsweb github mirror)


libcoap implements a lightweight application-protocol for devices that
are constrained in their resources such as computing power, RF range,
memory, bandwidth, or network packet sizes. This protocol, CoAP was
standardized in the IETF as RFC 7252.

The library provides the core functionality for development of
resource-efficient CoAP servers and clients, including resource
observation and block-wise transfer.

Example implementations show how these features can be used in
applications, which are also useful in their own right:

- coap-client is a wget-like tool to generate simple requests for
retrieval and modification of resources on a remote server.
(https://github.com/glenndehaan/ikea-tradfri-coap-docs has details
about using this with IKEA Tradfri).

- coap-server is a basic server application that illustrates various
server-side features of libcoap.

- coap-rd implements a simple CoAP Resource Directory.
WWW: https://libcoap.net/


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