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p5-SQL-Statement-1.414 – SQL parsing and processing engine (cvsweb github mirror)


The SQL::Statement module implements a pure Perl SQL parsing and
execution engine. While it by no means implements full ANSI standard,
it does support many features including column and table aliases,
built-in and user-defined functions, implicit and explicit joins,
complex nested search conditions, and other features.

SQL::Statement is a small embeddable Database Management System
(DBMS). This means that it provides all of the services of a simple
DBMS except that instead of a persistent storage mechanism, it has
two things: 1) an in-memory storage mechanism that allows you to
prepare, execute, and fetch from SQL statements using temporary
tables and 2) a set of software sockets where any author can plug
in any storage mechanism.

There are three main uses for SQL::Statement. One or another
(hopefully not all) may be irrelevant for your needs: 1) to access
and manipulate data in CSV, XML, and other formats 2) to build your
own DBD for a new data source 3) to parse and examine the structure
of SQL statements.
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/SQL-Statement


Andrew Hewus Fresh


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