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ruby32-websocket-driver-0.7.6 – implementation of the WebSocket protocol for ruby (cvsweb github mirror)


This module provides a complete implementation of the WebSocket
protocols that can be hooked up to any TCP library. It aims to simplify
things by decoupling the protocol details from the I/O layer, such that
users only need to implement code to stream data in and out of it
without needing to know anything about how the protocol actually works.
Think of it as a complete WebSocket system with pluggable I/O.

Due to this design, you get a lot of things for free. In particular, if
you hook this module up to some I/O object, it will do all of this for

* Select the correct server-side driver to talk to the client
* Generate and send both server- and client-side handshakes
* Recognize when the handshake phase completes and the WS protocol
* Negotiate subprotocol selection based on Sec-WebSocket-Protocol
* Negotiate and use extensions via the websocket-extensions module
* Buffer sent messages until the handshake process is finished
* Deal with proxies that defer delivery of the draft-76 handshake body
* Notify you when the socket is open and closed and when messages arrive
* Recombine fragmented messages
* Dispatch text, binary, ping and close frames
* Manage the socket-closing handshake process
* Automatically reply to ping frames with a matching pong
* Apply masking to messages sent by the client
WWW: https://github.com/faye/websocket-driver-ruby


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