The www/kcaldav port

kcaldav-0.2.4 – a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server (cvsweb github mirror)


kCalDAV is a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server depending only on
kcgi(3), SQLite, and expat(3). The ISO C source code is ISC licensed.
For the time being, it works only for simple setups, for example, a
calendar collection shared between Mozilla Lightning, Mac OS X iCal,
and iOS7 (iPhone4) clients.
WWW: https://kristaps.bsd.lv/kcaldav/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Administrator Quick Start
  Create users by running:

    doas kcaldav.passwd -C -u  -e email -f /var/www/caldav
    doas chown www:www /var/www/caldav/kcaldav.db
    doas chmod 640 /var/www/caldav/kcaldav.db

  Read kcaldav.passwd(1) for more details about creating new
  calenders for users, changing email address and other options.

  With httpd(8) the kcaldav CGI can be run through slowcgi(8)
  using a configuration snippet like the following:

    server "default" {
        listen on * tls port 443

        tls {
            certificate "/etc/ssl/example.net.crt"
            key "/etc/ssl/private/example.net.key"
        location "/cgi-bin/*" {
            root "/"

  Remember to enable and start slowcgi(8):

    rcctl enable slowcgi
    rcttl start slowcgi

  Also, kcaldav.cgi uses http authentication for user security.
  Make sure your web server is configured to use https to ensure
  privacy of connection.

User Quick Start
  Users can manage their account settings, create calendars,
  and find the URL for use with their calendar application by
  browsing to:


  The URL will look like:


Porting Notes: Write Ahead Logging
  As implemented in the original source, kcaldav use sqlite3(3)
  Write Ahead Logging (WAL). WAL requires write access to /tmp.

  This port disables WAL due to the expectation kcaldav will be
  running in a chroot environment which may not have a /tmp dir.

  To re-enable WAL:

  Open the kcaldav.db:

    doas sqlite3 caldav/kcaldav.db


    sqlite> PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;

  To disable WAL, open the kcaldav db and type:

    sqlite> PRAGMA journal_mode=DELETE;

  If you plan to run kcaldav in a chroot environment you must
  create a /tmp directory in the chroot dir and make it writable
  by the httpd daemon account:

    doas mkdir /var/www/tmp
    doas chown www:daemon /var/www/tmp
    doas chmod 755 /var/www/tmp

  For more details about WAL and temp directory requirements


Porting Notes: Debug and Logging

  Logging in kcaldav is controlled by the kcaldav.conf(5) configuration
  file. The configuration file's location is set at compile-time:


  When sending error reports upstream, set debug=3 in kcaldav.conf(5).

  By default, kcaldav logs to stderr. Logging to a dedicated file can
  be enabled by setting the logfile variable in kcaldav.conf(5).
  For example:


  kcaldav will then use the log file /var/www/logs/kcaldav.log.
  This file must be created by the user and permissions set:

    touch /var/www/logs/kcaldav.log
    chown www:www /var/www/logs/kcaldav.log
    chmod 644 /var/www/logs/kcaldav.log


Aaron Poffenberger



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