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Drupal is a powerful and flexible content management system.

Some of its appealing features:
- role-based permission system. Easy to set up exactly the roles you
need that match your organisation.   Each content-type can be set up
per role (submission, approval, viewing rights).
- automated generation of tables through a view system. There's mostly
no need for static structure.
- powerful indexing capabilities through keywords organized in hierarchical
vocabularies (taxonomies).
- nice localization features. Missing translations can be supplied `on the fly'.
- url aliases for `nice site' look-ups.
- integrated downloads and uploads, so that external documents can be part
of your site.
- extensible content forms with typed fields (e.g., starting date).

- sensible security: mixed sites where the login url goes through https do
work without needing to change everything all over the place


$OpenBSD: README,v 1.3 2018/09/04 12:46:24 espie Exp $

| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To enable a decent configuration of drupal, please create a symbolic

ln -sf ../modules.sample/${DRUPAL}.conf \

Drupal can work with a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite3 database.
If you don't already have the corresponding PDO package, install it:
    php-pdo_pgsql, php-pdo_mysql or php-pdo_sqlite

If you just want to try out drupal, you don't need any database server,
an sqlite file will do just fine.

Don't forget to set the character set to utf8 in your database.

In mysql, assuming you're connected as admin initially.

create user drupal@localhost identified by 'password';
create database drupal character set utf8;
grant all on drupal.* to drupal@localhost;

Note that the default max_allowed_packet is too small if you install
a few modules. See /etc/my.cnf.

In postgresql, assuming an `admin' account has all rights:

createuser -U admin --pwprompt --no-superuser --createdb --no-createrole drupal
createdb -U drupal -E UTF8 drupal

Updating from a drupal6 installation:
- to do


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