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blogsum-1.1p8 – simple weblog (cvsweb github mirror)


Blogsum is a weblog application with a focus on simplicity and security.
It was designed from scratch to be easy to use and easier to maintain.
WWW: http://blogsum.obfuscurity.com/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Upgrading Blogsum
1) Add any new settings from Blogsum/Config.pm.dist into your
   local Blogsum/Config.pm.

2)  Stop and start your Apache service.

Installing Blogsum
1)  Enable the mod_perl module:

	# mod_perl-enable

2)  Setup the SQLite database:

	# su -m www -c \
		sqlite3 ${INSTDIR}/data/site.db <${EXAMPLESDIR}/create_sqlite.sql

3)  Create your local configuration and modify as necessary:

	# cp ${INSTDIR}/Blogsum/Config.pm.dist \

4)  If comments will be enabled, visit the CAPTCHA (http://www.captcha.net/)
    project and register your account.  Add your keys to Config.pm.

5)  Edit the example httpd-blogsum.conf and enable it for your site:

	# cp ${EXAMPLESDIR}/httpd-blogsum.conf /var/www/conf/modules/

6)  Create your AuthUserFile file as defined in httpd-blogsum.conf:

	# htpasswd -c ${PREFIX}/conf/blogsum.htpasswd

7)  Enable the following modules in ${PREFIX}/conf/httpd.conf:

	LoadModule rewrite_module	/usr/lib/apache/modules/mod_rewrite.so
	LoadModule proxy_module		/usr/lib/apache/modules/libproxy.so
	LoadModule perl_module		/usr/lib/apache/modules/mod_perl.so

8)  Stop and start your Apache service.

The installation should now be complete.  Your blogsum installation can be
viewed at /index.cgi.  Posts can be created and edited at /admin.cgi.

Please refer to the online support resources if you have questions.



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