The textproc/py-patiencediff,python3 port

py3-patiencediff-0.1.0p1 – Python implementation of the patiencediff algorithm (cvsweb github)


This package contains the implementation of the patiencediff algorithm, as
first described by Bram Cohen.

Like Python's difflib, this module provides both a convience unified_diff
function for the generation of unified diffs of text files as well as a
SequenceMatcher that can be used on arbitrary lists.

Patiencediff provides a good balance of performance, nice output for humans,
and implementation simplicity.

The code in this package was extracted from the Bazaar code base.

The package comes with two implementations:

- A Python implementation (; this implementation only
  requires a Python interpreter and is the more readable version of the two
- A C implementation implementation (_patiencediff_c.c); this implementation is
  faster, but requires a C compiler and is less readable


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