The textproc/hyperscan port

hyperscan-5.4.2-ssse3 – high-performance regular expression matching library (cvsweb github mirror)


Hyperscan is a high-performance multiple regex matching library. It
follows the regular expression syntax of the commonly-used libpcre
library, but is a standalone library with its own C API.

Hyperscan uses hybrid automata techniques to allow simultaneous matching
of large numbers (up to tens of thousands) of regular expressions and
for the matching of regular expressions across streams of data.

Hyperscan is built for specific CPU microarchitectures - you must
choose one:

	ssse3	(uses -march=core2, for most amd64 and clone CPUs)
	sse4_2	(uses -march=corei7, requires SSE4_2 and POPCNT)
	avx2	(uses -march=core-avx2, requires AVX2)
	native	(uses -march=native, optimise for local machine)
WWW: https://www.hyperscan.io/


Stuart Henderson

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lang/python textproc

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