The telephony/asterisk-sounds/core-sounds/en,gsm port

asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-1.6.1p0 – core English sound files for Asterisk (gsm) (cvsweb github mirror)


This package contains the core ${MODAS_LANGNAME} sound files for Asterisk
in ${MODAS_CODEC} format.  It contains standard prompts used by various
parts of Asterisk (including the voicemail and conference systems,
demonstration files and agent login), digits, letters and other prompts
which are of general useful.

Asterisk is able to convert automatically between most codecs, but using
native audio files avoids additional CPU use and can improve sound quality.

Codecs currently available via FLAVORs are as follows:

gsm:	GSM compression. Small files, but low quality. "Asterisk default".
wav:	RIFF WAV files. 8KHz.
ulaw:	ITU G.711 mu-law. Common in countries using T1 lines
	(N.America and Japan).
alaw:	ITU G.711 A-law. Common in most other countries.
g722:	ITU G.722. Wide-band codec.
sln16:	Signed Linear 16 KHz. Not normally used natively, but providing
	CPU is sufficient to transcode this avoids loss in quality.
WWW: http://www.asterisk.org/


Stuart Henderson



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