The sysutils/sysmon port

sysmon-0.93p4 – lightweight network monitoring tool (cvsweb github mirror)


Sysmon is a network monitoring tool designed to provide high performance
and accurate network monitoring.

This tool is available in the public domain for anyone to use it that is
interested. It provides better performance and checking capabilities than
other tools such as Rover, Nocmon, Whatsup, Big Brother, and other such tools.

Configuration is simple and hierarchical, and can easily integrate email

Currently supported protocols include SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, TCP, UDP, NNTP,
and PING. Sysmon also provides a simple web output of monitored hosts.
WWW: https://puck.nether.net/sysmon/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Sysmon is a lightweight, customizable and scalable remote monitoring tool that
doesn't require any software installs or changes on the monitored target.

There are two compiled programs that come with sysutils/sysmon: sysmon(1) and

sysmon(1) is a utility that can be run from the shell to check a remote host.
For instance, to check port 80 on the OpenBSD web site:

    $ sysmon http://www.openbsd.org 80

sysmond is the daemon component of the port. It requires a correctly configured
sysmon.conf(5) file, particulary as it is generally setup with hierarchical list
of dependent hosts, normally starting with sysmond's default gateway, i.e., the
"root" knob.

${PREFIX}/share/examples/sysmon/sysmon.conf.dist provides a useful template to
start with. Dispersed infrastructures, clients and staffs can be accomodated.

To understand the syntax for each included check, refer to

For instance, one might set the following in sysmond.conf(5), and use the
variables to populate the "contact" setting for particular remote host(s):

        set client0 = "client0@client0.tld";
	set nyc-noc = "nyc-noc@entity.tld";

To further scale sysmon, consider using separate configuration files per entity,
client or other data-normalized category in the main sysmon.conf(5) file:

        include "/etc/sysmon/client0.conf";
	include "/etc/sysmon/nyc-colo.conf";


George Rosamond



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