The sysutils/od1000_firmware port

od1000_firmware-1.02.20170119p1 – firmware and flash tool for SOFTIRON OverDrive 1000 (cvsweb github mirror)


UEFI firmware and tool for the Softiron Overdrive 1000 for USB programming.
Requires physical access.
WWW: https://support.softiron.com/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Updating firmware on the SOFTIRON OverDrive 1000

Firmware maintenance is normally locked on this machine. Enabling it requires
physical access: press maintenance button on rear panel ATX shield and hold
for 5 seconds to unlock for 10 minutes, or press and hold for 10 seconds to
unlock until the USB console is disconnected.

For typical use, unlock firmware updates as above, then:

| # od1000_flasher --program --verify \
|     ${PREFIX}/share/od1000_firmware/OVERDRIVE1000_ROM.fd --verbose --flash
| Opening the Overdrive 1000 flasher device.
| Holding Device in Reset.
| Erasing flash.
| Programming flash.
| [...]
| Verifying flash.
| [...]
| Done.

It's also possible to update the EEPROM and PIC32 firmware.
See ${PREFIX}/share/od1000_firmware/README.txt and the SOFTIRON manuals,
e.g. http://cdn.softiron.com/OD1000_QSGv1.pdf

The current PIC32 firmware version is displayed in the attach message on the
host where the console is connected, for example the following message shows
that the machine is already at 1.02:

umodem1 at uhub1 port 2 configuration 1 interface 0 "SoftIron, Inc. OverDrive 1000" rev 2.00/1.02 addr 2


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