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dinit-0.18.0 – service monitoring / "init" system (cvsweb github mirror)


"Dinit" is a service supervisor with dependency support.

Specifically, Dinit can launch multiple services in parallel, with dependency
management (i.e. if one service's operation depends on another, the latter
service will be started first). It can monitor the process corresponding to a
service, and re-start it if it dies, and it can do this in an intelligent way,
first "rolling back" all dependent services, and restarting them when their
dependencies are satisfied. However, the precise nature of dependency relations
between services is highly configurable.
WWW: https://github.com/davmac314/dinit


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Although dinit can be used to boot a Linux system from scratch, you cannot use
dinit as a replacement for OpenBSD's init system. This package does however
allow you to use dinit as a generic process supervisor on OpenBSD.

Getting Started Guide

The best way to get up an running quickly with Dinit is to read the getting
started guide:

 $ less ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/doc/dinit/getting_started.md

Running System-wide

The provided rc script starts a system-wide instance of dinit. The instance
will run as root so that services requiring root permissions can be managed
under dinit. If your services don't need root permissions, then you should run
dinit as a normal user instead.

When running a system-wide instance, add `-s` to your dinitctl(8) invocations.


Edd Barrett

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