The security/spiped port

spiped-1.6.2p1 – utility for creating secure pipes between socket addresses (cvsweb github mirror)


spiped (pronounced "ess-pipe-dee") is a utility for creating
symmetrically encrypted and authenticated pipes between socket
addresses, so that one may connect to one address (e.g., a UNIX socket
on localhost) and transparently have a connection established to another
address (e.g., a UNIX socket on a different system). This is similar to
'ssh -L' functionality, but does not use SSH and requires a pre-shared
symmetric key.

spipe (pronounced "ess-pipe") is a utility which acts as an spiped
protocol client (i.e., connects to an spiped daemon), taking input from
the standard input and writing data read back to the standard output.
WWW: https://www.tarsnap.com/spiped.html


James Turner

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