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pass-import-3.4p0 – importer for pass (passwordstore) (cvsweb github mirror)


pass-import is an extension for "password-store", allowing you to import
password databases from various password managers to a pass(1) repository.

By default, entries are imported at the root of the password store and
only the main data (password, login, email, URL, group) are kept. This
behaviour can be changed using the provided options.

pass-import handles duplicates and is compatible with browserpass.
It imports OTP secrets in a way that is compatible with pass-otp.

pass-import also provides a pimport script that allows importing
passwords to a small number other password managers. For instance,
you can import passwords to a Keepass database or a generic CSV file.
WWW: https://github.com/roddhjav/pass-import


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