The net/usockets port

usockets-0.8.1p0 – eventing, networking & crypto for async applications (cvsweb github mirror)


uSockets is the cross-platform async networking and eventing foundation
library used by uWebSockets.

Key aspects:
* Built-in (optionally available) TLS support exposed with identical
  interface as for TCP.
* Acknowledges and integrates with any event-loop via a layered
  hierarchical design of plugins.
* Extremely pedantic about user space memory footprint and designed
  to perform as good as can be.
* Designed from scratch to map well to user space TCP stacks or
  other experimental platforms.
* Low resolution timer system ideal for performant tracking of
  networking timeouts.
* Minimal yet truly cross-platform, will not emit a billion
  different platform specific error codes.
* Fully opaque library, inclusion will not completely pollute
  your global namespace.
WWW: https://github.com/uNetworking/uSockets


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