The net/flickcurl port

flickcurl-1.26p2 – flickr API library and utility (cvsweb github mirror)


Flickcurl is a C library (and utility) for the Flickr API, handling
creating the requests, signing, token management, calling the API,
marshalling request parameters and decoding responses.

It uses libcurl to call the REST web service and libxml2 to manipulate
the XML responses. Flickcurl 1.0 or later supports 100% of the
2008-04-07 version of the API (see Flickcurl API coverage) including the
functions for photo/video uploading, browsing, searching, adding and
editing comments, groups, notes, photosets, categories, activity, blogs,
favorites, places, tags and photo, video metadata.

It also includes a program flickrdf to turn photo metadata, tags,
machine tags and places into an RDF triples description.


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

You will need to have a ~/.flickcurl.conf .

1. Get an API key if you don't already have one.

Go to and obtain a "mobile" app
key You will be give an "api key", "shared secret" and an
authentication URL.

2. Create a ~/.flickcurl.conf file. For example:


3. Get a frob
Visit your authentication url in a web browser to get a "frob".

4. Exchange the frob for an authentication token

flickcurl -a 

flickcurl will save the token in your config file. 


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