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Open Babel is a chemical toolbox designed to speak the many languages of
chemical data.  It's an open, collaborative project allowing anyone to
search, convert, analyze, or store data from molecular modeling,
chemistry, solid-state materials, biochemistry, or related areas.

It is designed to pick up where the Babel chemistry file translation
program left off, as a cross-platform program and library designed to
interconvert between many file formats used in molecular modeling and
computational chemistry.

Open Babel includes two components, a command-line utility and a
C++ library. The command-line utility is intended to be used as a
replacement for the original babel program, to translate between
various chemical file formats.  The C++ library includes all of the
file-translation code as well as a wide variety of utilities to
foster development of other open source chemistry software.
WWW: https://openbabel.org


Bjorn Ketelaars

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