The misc/most port

most-5.2.0 – browse or page through a text file (cvsweb github mirror)


most is a paging program that displays, one windowful at a
time,  the  contents  of  a file on a terminal.  It pauses
after each windowful and prints on the window status  line
the  screen  the  file  name, current line number, and the
percentage of the file so far displayed.

Unlike other paging programs, most is capable of  display-
ing  an arbitrary number of windows as long as each window
occupies at least two screen lines.  Each window may  con-
tain the same file or a different file.  In addition, each
window has its own mode.  For example, one window may dis-
play  a  file  with its lines wrapped while another may be
truncating the lines...
WWW: https://www.jedsoft.org/most/


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