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notmuch-0.38.3p0 – mail indexer, tagger and threader (cvsweb github mirror)


Notmuch is a mail indexing program providing a fast tag-based email
reader with global search to use within a text editor.

"Notmuch is not much of an email program. It doesn't receive messages
(no POP or IMAP suport). It doesn't send messages (no mail composer,
no network code at all). And for what it does do (email search)
that work is provided by an external library, Xapian. So if Notmuch
provides no user interface and Xapian does all the heavy lifting,
then what's left here? Not much."
WWW: https://notmuchmail.org/


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notmuch-0.38.3p0 notmuch-emacs-0.38.3p0

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